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Pool Designs & Installation

Aquarino has recently become approved to be a reseller of pools in the Ottawa area, and we are planning to provide our customers with the best services that are available as soon as possible. You’ll be able to be swimming in the pool of your dreams in no time. See our options below, and make the right choice when you side with Aquarino for your pool needs today.

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8’ x 10’

If you are only in the need for something smaller that you can dip in to relax, an 8’ x 10’ pool with steps is the right route for you to take. You can soak the sun up all day with your personal pool. Our 25-year warranty on our fiberglass pools is an extra perk!


8’ x 16’

If you are looking for something slightly larger — perhaps for another person — our authorized installer can make that happen. The 8’ x 16’ model offers a little more space for a small price. Get yours installed today!

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10’ x 25’

When you’re looking to upscale when it comes to your pool installation from Aquarino, a 10’ x 25’ might be your best choice. Our authorized pool installers can make sure that you have the depth you need on one side of the pool, but also a shallow end where you can kick back and enjoy yourself.


Original 12’ x 20’

We offer two different versions of our 12’ x 20’ model, so that we can ensure that our customers are getting exactly what they want with a pool for their home. This model offers stairs that lead into a wide-open swimming area.


Beach 12’ x 20’

Searching for something that is a little more exotic? Our beach model is 12’ x 20’ and offers sidebars and extra fixtures that allow you to lounge more than you would in a plain pool.


12’ x 24’

Now we are getting into some larger pools for your home. The 12’ x 24’ model is as spacious as it is beautiful. You can swim around wherever you want with this elegant design. You’ll also experience the benefits of having a fiberglass pool to the fullest!


12’ x 26’

A few inches can make all of the difference when it comes to sizing out the pool that you need. A 12’ x 26’ model for your pool. It can open up a lot of swimming space that you might not think is possible with such a small change in size.


12’ x 28’ Lounge

This lounge pool will allow for exactly what you expect. It has an area that you can kick back and relax in the shallow end, as well as a broad space where you can openly swim. It’s the best of both worlds when it comes to fiberglass pool construction.


12’ x 32’ Lounge

This fantastic pool installation adds just a bit more square feet of space for your enjoyment. It comes with a shallow area where you can enjoy yourself, without fully dipping underwater, and also the benefit of a wide-water expansion where you can swim laps and play with your friends and family!

Whatever your needs are for fiberglass pool models in and around Ottawa, Aquarino has you covered. Get your quote today, and don’t waste another minute without the pool of your dreams!

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Aqua Radiance

Aquarino’s exclusive Aqua Radiance color technology creates colors of unmatched durability. After years of research and development, we have successfully improved the process of making and applying the gel and color to fiberglass pools. Our pool colors stand out for their sparkling effect when the sun’s rays pass through the water.

We are committed to making the most beautiful pool fixtures, while also ensuring that our Ottawa customers are protected from the particularly harsh weather that can come in the winter months.



Aquarino pools require easy maintenance in comparison to traditional pools. Heating is easier because of our use of fiberglass, which is an insulating material. Discover the many advantages of fiberglass below!


Aquarino pools are made in a new factory in Canada with ultra-modern equipment and an experienced team. Also, Aquarino is accredited with the Made Well Here logo. This program is to encourage the purchase of quality building materials and other items manufactured in Canada and intended for the residential market. Aquarino is a division of the Rinox Group. Aquarino pools go perfectly with the Rinox Landscape collection and create unique and innovative projects!

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  • Our pools require less maintenance than conventional pools.
  • Our pools have smooth floors and walls
  • Fiberglass keeps dirt from sticking.
  • Eliminates the risk of algae formation.
  • Allows for faster cleaning of the ring caused by sun lotion. Dirt will bead along the edge rather than stick as it would on a liner.
  • No liner to replace and no painting required.
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  • Fiberglass pools retain their heat better.
  • It is produced from insulating materials.
  • Fiberglass is an insulating material.
  • These features ensure that your water will always be at least 8ºF warmer than that of any other pool designs.
  • With a heating system, your Aquarino pool model will allow you to start your swimming season earlier and extend it later.
  • Heating costs for customers who choose to purchase a water heater will be lower than any competitors, since our pools hold heat better.
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  • Installed regardless of weather conditions.
  • Less damage to the property than with conventional pool installations that take more than 3 weeks.
  • We have all the required equipment to excavate your pool. All of the work will be carried out by our qualified employees.
  • More time to enjoy the summer in your pool the first year!

*Please note that the connection of pipes and electricity and the paver installation will be done in the days following the installation of the shell.

Stay Covered with Our Protection Warranty

The 25-year Xclusive protection warranty on your fiberglass pool covers the integrity of the structural pool shell. The Aquaradiance gel coat is also included, just in case any issues arise over time. We are proud to offer this warranty to stand by the quality of our fiberglass pools! Start your pool fun with us today!

This warranty is only valid once the customer registers their purchase online in the form below.